About Us

Current Fusion was founded in 2014 by Ed Edmundson and Ritesh Gupta. Ritesh and Ed have worked together for over 7 years building EarthDivas.com and several other websites.

The objective of Current Fusion is to blend the personal interaction of a US-based company with the programming skills and cost structure of an overseas IT firm.

Ed Edmundson


Email: info@currentfusion.com


20+ years experience in packaged goods marketing and software development with companies such as United Distillers/Guiness, Net2Phone and GeoCities.

Last eight years running his own ecommerce company, EarthDivas.com. Lives in Potomac, MD. MBA from Tulane.

Ritesh Gupta


Email: ritesh@currentfusion.com


10+ years experience in software development

Designed and built ecommerce engine, CRM and PMS for Earth Divas, and many other web and mobile applications. Lives in Lucknow, India.

USA Office

Current Fusion
10013 Apple Hill Ct
Potomac, MD 20854

Phone: 610-389-4489
Email: info@currentfusion.com